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Rosneft Commissions Olympic Format Filling Stations in Sochi

22 January 2014

A General Partner of the 22nd Winter Olympic and 11th Paralympic Games in Sochi, Rosneft has launched a network of seven filling stations, laid out in a specialized Olympic format. The opening ceremony of the network was held at the station in Plastunskaya Street in Sochi.

The Olympic facilities by Rosneft offer comfort for clients and an expanded range of services. For instance, the Company joined efforts with a prominent restaurant chain Autogrill S.p.A to open A-Cafes right at the filling stations, where guests and residents of the city can enjoy services meeting high quality standards. Importantly, the staff of the stations speaks English. Other features of the network include a minimarket and a bike parking.

The Company will also meet the requirements of the Organizing Committee of the Games, the Olympic and Paralympic Committees, the Russian team and the Olympstroy construction company providing them with fuels.

Rosneft integrated a number of innovative solutions when developing its filling stations network in the Olympic format. Apart from traditional types of fuels, such as petrol and diesel, it offers an opportunity to charge electric-powered vehicles within just 15 minutes using specialized chargers. The use of electric cars will help preserve the ecology in the center of the Winter Olympics.

Another set of measures to ensure ecological and industrial safety includes the use of double-walled fuel tanks with the monitoring of insulation space, which shuts out fuel leakages into surrounding environment. Surface waste water is treated using a system of filters. Moreover, all service stations are equipped with vacuum vapor recovery systems.

Special importance was attached to power saving issues. Solar batteries coupled with the use of LED illumination at the stations help save from 35,000 to 45,000 KWH a year.

Another eco-friendly initiative of the Company is the large-scale promotion project of using the compressed gas as motor fuel in the Krasnodar region. It is known that vehicles burning natural gas for power emit far less pollutants into the atmosphere.

Rosneft has reconstructed its oil storage facility in Adler in order to ensure continuous supplies of high-quality oil products to Sochi during the Olympics. All tanks of the facility were fully upgraded, and its total capacity increased to 10,000 cubic meters from 3,700 cubic meters. The Company has set up a fleet of mobile labs to check and maintain the quality of fuel. The innovative equipment successfully passed the tests at the refueling station in Tuapse last November.

The multi-fuel environmentally friendly filling stations to be used during the 2014 Olympics will become an integrated part of the regional infrastructure for years after the Games are over.

Rosneft Information Division
22 January 2014