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Kharampur, an Ethnic Settlement of Indigenous Peoples of the North on Yamal, Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary with Rosneft Support

13 March 2023

The ethnic village of Harampur celebrates its 90th anniversary. Two decades ago there were just a few houses here, but today, thanks to Rosneft's support, the village is a modern forest Nenets settlement with a developed social infrastructure.

Supporting the indigenous minorities of the North to preserve their national culture, traditional way of life and improve their living conditions is one of the main areas of Rosneft's social activities.

RN-Purneftegaz, one of Rosneft key assets in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, contributes significantly to the region's industrial development. Local suppliers and contractors take an active part in the implementation of the company's new projects. The commissioning of new fields and production facilities facilitates the creation of qualified jobs in the region. The accumulated production of RN-Purneftegaz is 275 million tons of oil and more than 125 billion cubic meters of gas. Under the current agreement between Rosneft and the regional government, the company actively supports regional social programs and contributes to supporting the ethnic culture of indigenous minorities of the North.

Nineteen years ago, RN-Purneftegaz became the patron of the national village in the Purovsky region. During this time, the company has implemented many social and charitable programs aimed at the development of the national village. With the help of Rosneft, Kharampur has become the center of the forest Nenets culture. The oil workers have rebuilt the communal and social infrastructure of the village: an access road, sewage treatment facilities, engineering and communications networks, a cultural and leisure center, a library and 20 two-story octagonal cottages stylized as the Nenets national dwelling - a "chum". A boarding school was also constructed in the village, where the children of reindeer herders and fishermen learn their native language and traditional crafts in addition to the general education program.

RN-Purneftegaz annually allocates funds to public organizations and the administration of Purovsky District to support the agro-industrial complex, which employs the majority of Kharampur residents. Since 2019, the enterprise has been implementing a long-term Northern Friendship project designed to preserve the culture and traditions of the forest Nenets people. Last year, a joint project between RN-Purneftegaz, the district association of indigenous minorities "Yamal to Descendants!" and the Administration of Purovsky District was launched to ascertain the places of residence and worship of indigenous people in the area where the enterprise operates.

With the support of oil workers, one of the main national holidays, Reindeer Herder's Day, is held in Kharampur every year, bringing together reindeer herders and fishermen from all the settlements in the district, as well as guests from Gubkinsky and Tarko-Sale. This year, the anniversary of Harampur village coincided with the main spring festival for the forest Nenets.

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March 13, 2023

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