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Microbial Agent Trials Commence at MSU’s Belomorskaya Biological Station

23 March 2023

Specialists from Rosneft Oil Company’s Arctic Research Centre and Innopraktika, a non-governmental development institute, have commenced the final trials of a microbial agent that provides a high degree of hydrocarbon recovery at sea and in cold climates. The trials take place at the Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Belomorskaya Biological Station. The researchers installed a system of marine aquariums designed specifically to test the biological agent in the labs of the flow-through aquarium enclosure, which was upgraded with the Company’s support. The system simulates open water conditions and guarantees complete safety for the environment.

The trials are intended to verify all the characteristics of the microbial agent, develop regulations for its use and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the pilot batches. Alongside those, hygiene studies are nearing their completion: experts have proved that the ingredients are safe for humans, warm-blooded animals and communities of marine ecosystems. Earlier, the agent had shown high potency in laboratory conditions, in experiments at low temperatures and high salinity.

In 2023, the MSU’s Belomorskaya Biological Station will also become a testing ground for the Company’s research work on the impact of global climatic and local anthropogenic factors on the ecosystems of the Arctic seas. Specialists will analyse the present state of the biota on the example of the White Sea, repeating observations made a century ago by the famous zoologist K.M. Deryugin (studies dated 1922-23). For this purpose, the researchers will use not only classic hydrobiological methods but also the latest molecular genetic approaches.

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March 23, 2023

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