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Novokuibyshevsk Refinery Launches Eco-Tourism Mobile App for Samarskaya Luka National Park

14 March 2023

Specialists at Novokuibyshevsk Refinery (an enterprise of Rosneft Oil Company’s Samara group) have launched a new project called ECOtrope63 as part of the Company’s environmental initiatives and the culture of environmental protection. In the first phase of this eco-project, the enterprise’s staff developed and launched a mobile app for virtual journeys around Samarskaya Luka National Park. The ECOtropa63 app is available for all main types of mobile operating systems.

The new app uses augmented reality technology to visualise hiking trails, cultural sites, natural landmarks and the habitats of rare animal species. The app will help users explore the attractions of the national park remotely, as well as mark their favourite places to visit.

At the second stage of the ECOtropa63 project, Rosneft’s Samara enterprises together with the Samarskaya Luka National Park will start studying the red-listed animals that inhabit the reserve. Previously, the scientists developed a programme to study the rare bird of prey, the white-tailed eagle. The data collected will help assess the state of the birds and develop a set of measures to conserve and protect the endangered species.

The project also involves representatives of the scientific community, environmental volunteers, students and schoolchildren. Special ecological lectures are held for visitors to the national park, introducing them to the region’s unique ecosystem and biodiversity and increasing the environmental responsibility of residents.

Note for Editors:

Samarskaya Luka National Park belongs to the Srednevolzhsky Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO.

Novokuibyshevsk Refinery has supported environmental projects in the national park to conserve and protect biodiversity for several years. In 2020, an environmental information and education centre was opened with the support of the enterprise. The national park is home to species of flora and fauna listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation. Nearly 2.6 million people visit the national park each year.

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March 14, 2023

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